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14 Jun


(Arthur Nolen Caudle’s revision of Carolyn’s Poem.)

Oh, LORD, I hear Your Heavenly angels singing!

“All glory and praise to the great Jehovah!”

Oh, LORD I hear the bells so sweetly ringing.

Oh, praises to God before our Father’s throne!


There I’ll stand before my loving Saviour;

There He’ll present me to The Almighty One.

“Heavenly Father, this one belongs to Me.

This one loves You and accepts Your love and grace.


And then The Gracious Father will rise and say,

“Yes, Son, I see her name. There was—there was a stain,

But now it’s gone, ‘crossed out by sacrificial blood.

Lo! I see YOUR face, YOUR holiness, YOUR grace!

Let her enter into the joy of her Lord!


Hallelujah!  I sing with the angels now,

And others who know The LORD join in our praise.

Our voices sing a million hallelujahs!

                                                      Our hearts beat glory, glory, glory to our God!                                             

         {copyright 1984 & 1993}