1 May

Easter can be lots of fun.

Bunnies leaving colored eggs,

Before the rising sun!

Friends and family talk and eat;

Children hardly take a seat.

Oh! Such joy to hide those eggs,

Then see who finds the most.

Laugh and play, and run our legs,

‘Til so tired, we simply coast.

Sweet dreams, my Dear, the day is done.

So glad you had a lot of fun!

Yet Easter truly means much more.

When Satan THOUGHT he’d won the war.

God created a perfect world, such beauty in the same!

All Glorified His Holy Name!

Then, sadly, His highest angel, second in command,

Said to GOD, “I’ll take first place …”; foolish demand.



Satan and his army then, without a single blink,

Fell to Earth, condemned by God.

Ruler? Yes, for a time on Earth,

Because of this, sin had it’s birth.

No more perfection; for Man chose pride,

God cannot with sin abide.

Yet knowing all, there was no surprise.

So God put in place His perfect plan.

Now only HE could pay the price for man.

The only price of sin is DEATH!

From Earth most humans leave – no breath.

God’s perfection includes His WRATH.

His judgment will come to all one day.

He demands His Rightful Honor, in each soul display.

His amazing Grace, Mercy, and Love,

His Son, wrapped in His Holy Spirit above,

Was born on Earth – 100% God, 100% Man.

Life as a human made it very hard.

But, because of His Mission, He stood His Guard.

Jesus never sinned; not word, nor thought, nor deed.

To pay for our sins, He had to bleed.

Giving His Life, He took Father God’s wrath,

Crucified, He opened the only path,

To return to God’s fellowship, pleasure, and LIFE.

That’s when Satan THOUGHT he’d won that war.

After all, God’s Son was dead, alive no more.


On the third day, Jesus won The War For All Time.

If YOU choose Christ, He paid for your crime.

 Because He paid for our crime of sin,

 His blood can us clean in God’s eyes again.

 Will we continue to sin in this life?  No doubt.

  But Eternity is what this is all about.

Will you accept God’s Perfect Gift and in Heaven dwell?

If not, sadly, you WILL “live” in the ETERNAL HELL.


MOTHERS ~ Gems from God ~

29 Apr

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a word picture honoring mothers is what I will share.  This is for ALL mothers ~ whether she has given birth or not ~

MOTHERS! What a wonderful gift from God!

Feeding, warming our tiny growing bod,

Carrying us close to her loving heart,

Six to nine months she’s our only food cart!

After birth, we are calmed by her voice,

Even if we weren’t there by her absolute choice.

Some people are here because MOTHER was raped.

Others, also surprises are in Loving dreams draped.

It took both our birth father and MOTHER,

For each to be who we are, not another!

“How’s that so good?” you may tartly retort.

“My MOTHER did drugs, drank booz, or the sort.”

Perhaps if your beginning was very bad,

And thinking of her makes you sad or mad,

Ask God to bless her, ’cause God has a plan,

Just as He said, for every child, woman, and man.

The MOM who raises you may be another.

She gives herself to your care … She’s MOTHER!

There’s no one like MOTHER to hold your hand,

Bandage your knee, or clap to your off-tune band!

MOTHER reading stories is surely fun.

And often we ask her, “Read the same one!”

MOTHERS love is the same now as past,

She works quite hard, early to late; REST? REAL FAST!

Let’s not forget the GrandMOTHER MOTHER!

Her babies she raised, then left raising to another.

Life has some bumps, and she loves you so much,

Dear child of her child, she’s there for such.

One more kind of “MOTHER” passes my mind.

She’s not the same, but she’s gentle and kind.

Perhaps you are having teen/parent trouble.

She encourages through this fragile bubble.

Or, MOTHER may not live so close anymore.

So she listens,advises, with open “phone or text door”.

All MOTHERS are special jewels from God.

Love your MOTHER(S) wherever life has you trod.

Then one day, MOTHER passses away,

Remember, keep her good in your heart to stay.

For MOTHER helped mold us to be who we are.

Thank God for MOTHERS both near and far!


29 Apr

Sharing the love of the One and Only True Living God has been a desire of mine since I asked Jesus to live in and through me; to change my heart to obey Him, to study His Word , The Holy Bible, to fellowship regularly with others who know Jesus.  I will share what The Lord lays on my heart … be it scriptures, thoughts, poems, stories of how God has impacted my life … I hope you will join me on this exciting, inspiring, and humbling journey.  WELCOME!

RAINBOW OF PROMISES?  GOD Reigns: All INdividuals will BOW, Only For Proclaiming (His) Righteousness Over all Mankind.  Immanuel Saves Eternally Sinners (who accept His Gift of Grace – Jesus – 100% God, 100% Man – Born of the virgin Mary – Lived His life on Earth without even one sin – died on the cross to pay for our sin – rose from the dead on the 3rd day – Victorious over sin, death and the grave!)

Scriptures –  This is the link to www.biblegateway.com , to give you the scriptures from God’s Holy and inerrant Word, so you can see what He has to say about Life and Death Eternally.  The choice must be made by each person.  Admit that you are a sinner (All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23; The payment for sin (even one  – though no person is able to accomplish that) is death.  Most humans experience death from this world.  The Gift of God is eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)  Every person will go one of two places after that – Heaven or Hell.  The Only Way to Heaven is through Jesus (Romans 10:8-10).  All other people will go to Hell, FOREVER.  Choose Life, please!

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28 Apr

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