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4 May

We are all marching in this short life;

Blessings are ours, and also strife.

Some are strong, and others are weak;

On our own the picture is bleak.

Can war be fought with only one kind?

“Tis true that all are not of like mind.

Some must be leaders, bold and strong.

Others are gentle, like a calming song.

Before we defend, we must be taught.

In Christians’ lives, The LORD must be sought.

Our marching orders were loud and clear!

“Go share the Gospel, both far and near!”

Across the seas, in a dif’rent troubled land,

Many soldiers fight under battle command

To keep the enemy there, not here

Let us pray daily for our soldiers dear.          

Jesus calls His, His Gospel to share.

Who will bow down, and Christ’s burden bear?

His yoke is easy and His burden is light;                 

But our eyes must stay on Him so bright.

We know that with war there may be death.

Who will honor Christ ’til their last breath?

Special Service Soldiers, known before time,

God will honor them, in Heaven Sublime!

Copyright 2007  Carolyn Caudle Castle