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19 Jun

By John Luke Castle (the youngest of 10 grandchildren of Arthur Nolen and Lula Elizabeth Pilkinton Caudle)
I did not realize how much of a leader he was until after he went to Heaven January 2001. He was a teacher, a husband, a daddy and grandpa, a rancher, a farmer, a poet, a carpenter, and an artist. He was a servant leader. He spoke what he believed, and was well respected and loved in the community. This man of whom I am speaking is none other than my Grandpa, Arthur Nolen Caudle.
I believe that Grandpa was the ideal leader. He was a mix between Technocrat, Craftsman, and Artist. As a teacher, he had a vision for his students, that they would learn the material, as much as or more, not less than, he expected. As a daddy he had a vision for his four daughters, that they would be respectable young ladies in all ways. He had a willingness to act on this through loving discipline. For one example, they were not allowed to talk back to Granny or him. If they did, they were sure to be sent to get a switch, which of course would be used after a lecture. As Grandpa, he demanded the same respect and used the same discipline on us. As a carpenter, he saw the small details and carefully polished what he made to perfection. He shared his labor with others. When the church needed something built, he would help. He made furniture, fixed roofs, and even helped build a house. When his garden overflowed with vegetables he shared them with others and took some to Farmers Market where he enjoyed fellowship and a little extra income!
Grandpa was not afraid to speak his mind, popular or not. One example of this was when Grandpa’s church was considering the option to dismiss evening services and have fellowship to watch the Super Bowl together. When the discussion began, he stood and announced that he found a cartoon that expressed his true opinion on the matter and asked, as it was passed around, to consider the meaning of the cartoon. The picture was of a football game. The ball was on the 50 yard line. The stadium was very large and packed with people, no seat empty. The players on the field bowed. In the upper right hand corner was JESUS with a tear running down His cheek. Grandpa simply finished by reading a poem that The LORD inspired him to write. Saying no more, he sat down. This is the poem that he read:
Gird up your loins,
Buckle on your breastplate,
Fasten on your helmet,
Oh ye soldiers of the Lord!

Baal is attacking in the form of a ball.
Professional sports are laying siege
To the gates of the Kingdom.
The broad way is tempting travelers from the narrow way.

The Lord’s Day: a sacred time to worship a Super Person.
It’s being called Super Sunday,
A time to worship a “deflated ball”.

Who chose The Lord’s Day to play their games;
To detract from our worship;
The Holy Spirit or the spirit of Baal?

Choose this day whom you will serve.
Hold firmly the sword of the Spirit.
Put the vanities of the world behind
And let Super Sunday honor our Super Savior.

At least until after Grandpa’s death, a few years later, his church chose to let Super Sunday continue to honor our Super Savior.
In conclusion, to me, other than Jesus, Grandpa was the greatest leader. This shows he was an ideal leader. Thank you.



14 Jun



14 Jun


(Arthur Nolen Caudle’s revision of Carolyn’s Poem.)

Oh, LORD, I hear Your Heavenly angels singing!

“All glory and praise to the great Jehovah!”

Oh, LORD I hear the bells so sweetly ringing.

Oh, praises to God before our Father’s throne!


There I’ll stand before my loving Saviour;

There He’ll present me to The Almighty One.

“Heavenly Father, this one belongs to Me.

This one loves You and accepts Your love and grace.


And then The Gracious Father will rise and say,

“Yes, Son, I see her name. There was—there was a stain,

But now it’s gone, ‘crossed out by sacrificial blood.

Lo! I see YOUR face, YOUR holiness, YOUR grace!

Let her enter into the joy of her Lord!


Hallelujah!  I sing with the angels now,

And others who know The LORD join in our praise.

Our voices sing a million hallelujahs!

                                                      Our hearts beat glory, glory, glory to our God!                                             

         {copyright 1984 & 1993}