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The Proper Response To God’s Grace

8 May

The Proper Response To God’s Grace.



6 May

Thank you to all who have either commented or liked on my blog, through either, or facebook!  I am very new to all this tech stuff and am not sure how it all works, but when I got my first “LIKE” it encouraged me to keep trying.


4 May

We are all marching in this short life;

Blessings are ours, and also strife.

Some are strong, and others are weak;

On our own the picture is bleak.

Can war be fought with only one kind?

“Tis true that all are not of like mind.

Some must be leaders, bold and strong.

Others are gentle, like a calming song.

Before we defend, we must be taught.

In Christians’ lives, The LORD must be sought.

Our marching orders were loud and clear!

“Go share the Gospel, both far and near!”

Across the seas, in a dif’rent troubled land,

Many soldiers fight under battle command

To keep the enemy there, not here

Let us pray daily for our soldiers dear.          

Jesus calls His, His Gospel to share.

Who will bow down, and Christ’s burden bear?

His yoke is easy and His burden is light;                 

But our eyes must stay on Him so bright.

We know that with war there may be death.

Who will honor Christ ’til their last breath?

Special Service Soldiers, known before time,

God will honor them, in Heaven Sublime!

Copyright 2007  Carolyn Caudle Castle


1 May

Easter can be lots of fun.

Bunnies leaving colored eggs,

Before the rising sun!

Friends and family talk and eat;

Children hardly take a seat.

Oh! Such joy to hide those eggs,

Then see who finds the most.

Laugh and play, and run our legs,

‘Til so tired, we simply coast.

Sweet dreams, my Dear, the day is done.

So glad you had a lot of fun!

Yet Easter truly means much more.

When Satan THOUGHT he’d won the war.

God created a perfect world, such beauty in the same!

All Glorified His Holy Name!

Then, sadly, His highest angel, second in command,

Said to GOD, “I’ll take first place …”; foolish demand.



Satan and his army then, without a single blink,

Fell to Earth, condemned by God.

Ruler? Yes, for a time on Earth,

Because of this, sin had it’s birth.

No more perfection; for Man chose pride,

God cannot with sin abide.

Yet knowing all, there was no surprise.

So God put in place His perfect plan.

Now only HE could pay the price for man.

The only price of sin is DEATH!

From Earth most humans leave – no breath.

God’s perfection includes His WRATH.

His judgment will come to all one day.

He demands His Rightful Honor, in each soul display.

His amazing Grace, Mercy, and Love,

His Son, wrapped in His Holy Spirit above,

Was born on Earth – 100% God, 100% Man.

Life as a human made it very hard.

But, because of His Mission, He stood His Guard.

Jesus never sinned; not word, nor thought, nor deed.

To pay for our sins, He had to bleed.

Giving His Life, He took Father God’s wrath,

Crucified, He opened the only path,

To return to God’s fellowship, pleasure, and LIFE.

That’s when Satan THOUGHT he’d won that war.

After all, God’s Son was dead, alive no more.


On the third day, Jesus won The War For All Time.

If YOU choose Christ, He paid for your crime.

 Because He paid for our crime of sin,

 His blood can us clean in God’s eyes again.

 Will we continue to sin in this life?  No doubt.

  But Eternity is what this is all about.

Will you accept God’s Perfect Gift and in Heaven dwell?

If not, sadly, you WILL “live” in the ETERNAL HELL.